Quality Home care and Nursing Staff Solutions throughout North Lincolnshire

Rexshi Healthcare strive to deliver exceptional nursing care every time.

We work hard to keep people in their own homes through delivering high quality Domiciliary Care that is tailored to individual needs, from everyday home care to expert clinical help for those with more complex conditions.

We provide healthcare and nursing staff

Through our extensive recruitment and training programmes, our ability to supply Healthcare Professionals committed to delivering an excellent care service is second to none. Whether you need someone on a temporary, short term or permanent basis, we will find the right staff for you. Our highly professional, well-experienced and culturally competent staff will offer the best healthcare services that are tailored to your need. We apply a person-centred care approach whether it is a simple or a complex care need.

Our services

We have experience with supporting and providing care for individuals with various needs such as:

We can help with the day to day aspects of living and make you or your loved ones experience health and wellbeing at the comfort of your own house. We offer help and companionship.
Personal Care
We provide personal care which may include: bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene, nail care. dealing with continence issues, toileting, catheter or stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry and bed changing.
Mental health
Battling with mental health issues is not easy and we at Rexshihealthcare understand that. Therefore, we offer personalised care and support for individuals with dementia, challenging behaviour, depression, bipolar disorder, adjustment and dependent personality disorder, schizophrenia, social phobia, autism, Asperger's syndrome and many more.
Trauma or injury
Recovery after a traumatic incident be it physical or mental can be challenging. We offer our specialised care for individuals with brain injury or any form of physical injury. Our expert care will help you or your loved ones with your road o recovery.
Other chronic illness
Our care support is available to help individuals with complex systemic illnesses, chronic conditions or comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, renal conditions and various others.
Aging is inevitable and it may come with its own challenges but that does not mean that you must compromise on your health and wellbeing. Our expert team will take care of your needs be it simple or complex. Do you need someone to show you how to work the smartphone, play chess, cook, clean, buy groceries, assist with living, provide health/personal care or anything in between? We are here to help.
Can't find what you need listed here? Worry not! We can discuss your circumstances and needs and offer you perrsonalised care solutions. Just contact us at 07825017415.

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We take a flexible approach to care and design our Care Plans to encourage people to enjoy as much independence as they are able, whether they are older people or others with a physical, sensory or cognitive disability. We are particularly used to supporting people who may be living with memory problems or Dementia and our staff are specifically trained to deal with those symptoms.

Our qualified staff will visit you in your own home and work closely with you, your family and other supporters to establish a package of domiciliary care best suited to your needs and wishes.

If you or a family member need some assistance, please send an email outlining your requirements and we will contact you to make an appointment. Alternatively just call us on 07825017415 to speak to one of our friendly office staff about your care needs.

Fancy a career with us?

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Who we are

I am Tshepho Shilling, the Director of Rexshi Healthcare Ltd. I am a mental health nurse by background with over 14 years of experience working in the healthcare sector. I have been passionate about reaching the community with high-quality healthcare services. Rexshi Healthcare services was a result of that passion. Through Rexshi we are able to reach those who have complex needs. I believe in using a holistic approach, therefore, we offer healthcare and domiciliary care. "Caring" is not something we do but who we are. This is the value that we share as Rexshi Healthcare Ltd. Whatever you or your loved one's need may be, we have got you covered.

Furthermore, I am devoutly committed to equipping fellow staff working in the health and social care arena. This is because there is a continuous need for highly-skilled health and social care workers with the increase in people with various complex health needs. Therefore, at Rexshi we provide training and revalidation support. Be it for one person or for an organisation, we provide adequate support to enhance skills and renew the knowledge about recent trends and relevant information required for NMC registration. If you are seeking such support, look no further. Our highly-competent trainers will mentor you and support you through the process. Please check out our support page for further details.